LEARN & EARN – Traineeship Advantage

At IIMCM, we believe in keeping ahead by constantly innovating in areas that would help you create a niche for yourselves in the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have pioneered a unique Learn & Earn Traineeship Program that offers you an opportunity to join an IIMCM Partner organisation and work in it from the very beginning of your Professional Level program. As a trainee, you will work part time and will also be paid a substantial stipend for your efforts. During your traineeship, you will be constantly guided, assessed and mentored by IIMCM trainers and industry professionals. Thus the program will not only provide you with a practical work based learning opportunity but also a direct experience of the rigour of a real work environment. It ensures that you emerge from IIMCM as a seasoned professional ready to meet the challenges in the world of business.

The Learn & Earn - Traineeship Advantage will empower you with a headstart in your career and to obtain a secure placement at the end of your program.

How??? Once you register with IIMCM, you will be eligible to enroll into our Learn & Earn – Traineeship program. It is mandatory to apply for Learn & Earn – Traineeship program because during the traineeship, your performance will be assessed on a monthly basis by both your industry manager & the IIMCM trainer. During this period, you will also attend daily workshops from 9 am to 11 am through the week & carry out assignments & projects as required in the program. On selection, followed by interview, you will enter into an agreement with the concerned organization regarding your traineeship profile, timings and the stipend or commission that you will receive from them. The stipend or commission varies in different organizations and also from city to city. You can expect to be paid a stipend or commission of Rs 5000.00/- to Rs 20000.00/- per month.

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